Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Turn a Heel

Oh dear. I think my new hat is a little too big. Good thing it's actually a purse. I just thought I was quite hilarious when I put it on my head with my knitting girls. Of course, I had to milk "my funny" so I decided to put it on my blog. Anyway, it's going to be a lovely little purse--I'm just finishing the strap tonight.

Now that our play is over, I can get back to my knitting projects. What a great run it was--and I'm sad it's over, but my knitting projects have been neglected...

And then there's these socks. A little boy is eagerly awaiting them. I'm reminded of a pair of socks I started for a bigger boy many years ago--I stopped just before the heel. I can't abandon these ones. My status as "the best mommy in the world" depends on it. So now, I'm ready for some heel-turning. Party on.


  1. I hear you on the fresh produce thing. I begged Rick the other day to get tomatoes...oh how I miss tomatoes.
    BTW...I'm convinced Brockville needs a coffee shop/knitting circle with a play area for the kids.
    not that I can knit...but I would love to. oh, and after we bought this house 3 years ago I tore up the gardens trying to make it all pretty. I'm convinced I tore up over a hundred years worth of 'natural' plants.
    Oh well. Who says my hydrageas and peonies won't be 'natural' after they have been in my yard for another hundred years ;) oops.

  2. I must say that I'm loving my knitting projects. I sometimes have a hard time winding down in the evening and knitting really helps. I hurry to finish my school work so I have time to knit and watch a show. I don't love watching tv (except Glee) without something to do. I get too restless.

    Pre-child, I used to do a lot of pottery. I've REALLY missed having home-made gifts for loved ones. I'm hoping that soon, my knitting projects will be presentable enough for presents.