Sunday, March 28, 2010

Roots for Shoots

I'm just about done with root vegetables and apples...and all the food I preserved. Everything was lovely, even up to a month ago, but now, I just want some FRESH greens (not the ones shipped in from California). Oh, and asparagus. I so want asparagus from Clover Gardens. Soon.
I haven't ordered from Wendy's for a few weeks now because I wanted to work my way through our freezer, jars, and squash stock pile. There is one sorry-looking squash left and a few wizened potatoes. And, while I'm complaining, I'm not sure who I thought would eat the massses of PESTO I made. I love it, but I was a little overzealous. that things have settled down with our play (sigh)...I'm going to direct some energy towards cleaning out my pantry. Food is much less heart-wrenching than the arts. Feeling a bit like Eeyore.
Any ideas on what to do with all this pesto? Any non-traditional uses for it?

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