Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bumps and Bruises

Yesterday, my boy was busy twirling when he tripped and smacked his head on his toy box. It was a bone-chilling noise especially since I'm a 'little' nervous about head bumps. And so, the goose egg formed. And then the bruising came. And boy-oh-boy was he snarly.

Once I decided not to flee to the emergency, I pulled out the ice pack and the arnica gel. Again, I'm pretty new at homeopathy but I know that arnica is good for bruising. Well, given the bump he had, he hardly has any bruising today. I used the gel from Borion--it's available at Superstore. What a great thing.

He's also sick. Of course, he's sick. My annual (yes, just ONCE a year) drama festival is tomorrow. He's been sick every year for the past three festivals. Over the years, we've come to have a great respect for herbal medicine in speeding up healing and building immunity. St. Francis Herb Farm has a wonderful children's echinechea and a new immune support combination. I got ours at Tara's Natural Foods in Kingston. Thank you!

Then there's the most important thing of all: Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson.

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