Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Thousand Island Writers' Festival

Today, I attended the first Thousand Islands Writers' Festival. Thanks to Leeds County Books for giving me a ticket! I could only go for a little while because of conflicting schedules but I'm glad I made it.

Carol Ressor, author of The Paris Magdelene, was the first writer I heard speak. She discussed her research of Leonardo Da Vinci and Mary Magdelene as well as the challenges of braiding three narratives into one novel.

Garth Wallace, author of Wing Nuts, a collection of stories about flight school, kept the room laughing his acount of "Margaret", an eldery, and rather daring, flying student with whom he worked. The fact that I know absolutely nothing about airplanes and flying but was still captivated by his narrative proves his storytelling ability.

They had to bring extra chairs into the Brockville Courtroom because numbers were higher than anticipated. Hopefully, that's a sign that this continues to be an annual event.

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