Friday, October 2, 2009

A Morning Cuppa

We'll, it's the morning of our second day. We enjoyed a delicious dinner last night. The baked beans were worth the effort. Tonight we're having a crock pot stew. It was strange having cameras focused on us while we ate dinner and of course, Kieran wouldn't eat. He just mashed up a muffin and dumped it on the table cloth. Maybe people will confuse the show with Supernanny.

However, the folks from COGECO were so nice that it made it fun. And Mike is a closet actor. I almost felt like I was sitting next to Brad Pitt when he spooned my helping of beans onto the plate and said, "Is there meat in this?" Very smooth.

Rick (from Wendy's Mobile Market) delivered our groceries and brought a pumpkin for Kieran. We ordered some things we hadn't tried before: goat milk from Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. and apple cider vinegar from Hall's Apple Orchard. The leeks from Patchwork Gardens look amazing and we're eager to try the blue potatoes from Wendy. We had a nice surprise from Corn Acre Farms. The dozen corn will be great for a get-together with friends on the weekend.

Kieran loved the watermelon. It's huge and I'll have to invite a bunch of people over to eat it because it will never fit in my fridge once I cut it. Kieran says it's a dinosaur egg. He's waiting for it to hatch.

I live in a house of morning people (and morning cats) so I'm always the last one downstairs. I was delighted to see that my husband had boiled some eggs (from Re-Think Family Farms) and sliced some apples for me. The kettle was whistling...for tea. Sigh.

So...about the tea...I'm drinking Funny Duck Farms "Everyday Tea."

Everyday tea is just everyday tea for men, women, and children of all ages. Both flavourful and nourishing, this tea will leave you feeling balanced, even in the midst of chaos.

I just finished a cup. The tea is lovely and most certainly nourishing, but I'm waiting for something. Actually, I'm waiting for the caffeine buzz, the buzz that will never come...

100-Mile Diet Challenge, here I come!

As soon as I wake up.

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