Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Grand Finale

Tonight was our finale dinner to our 7-Day 100-Mile Diet Challenge. We had a great time. There were eight adults and five boys between 3-8 years old. The food turned out well and the conversation ranged from reflection to pontification. A good time was had by all.
A true celebration of food!
The menu for this evening:
Salad Greens from Clover Garden
Potatoes from Clover Garden
Corn from Corn Acres Farm
Chicken from Wendy's Mobile Market
Turkey Sausage from Lyon's Turkey Farm
Trout from Wendy's Mobile Market
Watermelon from Patchwork Gardens
Wine (Elderberry and Rhubarb) from Countryman Estates
Jackie's scarf stylishly pulled together the raspberry, purples, and pinks worn by all the women. These colours coincidentally matched the super slaw.

Being on T.V. is just about as exciting as it gets for five boys! There is no better occasion to play the kazoo.

Watermelon for dessert. Again. It was delicious but I've eaten so much watermelon this week, I won't mind not having any until next season.

Brenda about to enjoy a plate full of local, organic (mostly) fare.

All the boys gave Fifth Town goat's milk a try. Kieran had yogurt instead.

Mike is warming up for his rant. Jim is contemplating the unfortunate analogy he would make later in the evening. Shari braces herself. Terry wisely decides to stay out of it.
Nothing like a good drum rhythm to start off a night of dinner with friends.

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