Thursday, August 20, 2009


We're moving tomorrow. I've been so sentimental over the past few days, thinking about all the wonderful memories we have here. I LOVE this old house. We've done so much work to it and I truly think it's lovely. Now that it's empty, it feels spacious and airy. How could we have complained about space? Sometimes I don't know why we're moving...we just needed a change, I suppose. Also, the new house has a backyard.

Funny--now that our home is empty, it feels like a house (a lovely, charming old house that we've put our heart and soul into AND brought our beloved baby boy home to). I always have trouble with transitions like this--must be my feline astrological sign. The other feline in our house is struggling as well.

So tonight, we're going to put the boy to bed, finish packing the odds and ends, CLEAN, and have a glass of wine on the porch. Tomorrow, we'll start making memories in our new house...our new home...which doesn't have a front porch...yet...

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