Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Miss the Sea

My son and I are captivated by this book--maybe because we're both missing the beach. It's beautifully written and illustrated. The whimsical watercolour paintings are evocative of the sea. Kieran studies the detailed photos, picking out star fish and sea shells. In Can You Catch a Mermaid? by Jane Ray, the main character, Eliza, has to overcome her own need to hold onto her dear friend through deception. There's nothing syrupy about this story and the ending is layered. We signed out the CD version narrated by Dervla Kirwan from our library. Kieran listens to it while I'm making dinner and often re-plays it.
I explore the mythology of mermaids in my novel when Kira almost drowns.
Kira saw herself with irridescent scales, with sea grass twining around her legs, pulling her down for eels to dance through her green hair. Strong starfish contracted on her skin and the jagged edge of sea shells pierced promises into her feet. She would stay on the bottom of the sea with the swirl of life churning around her.

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