Monday, August 10, 2009

Green Grass, Red Sand, Blue Water

My friend, Tina, took this photo at Dalvay Beach on Prince Edward Island. It's the perfect picture to accompany my first post because this is the place that inspired my novel. It pulls everything together: my history with Mike, my love of Kieran, my desire to write.
After watching the sunset here with Kieran last summer, the premise for my story unfolded. I quickly wrote the first three chapters and then let it sit until Janurary. When I needed something for my writers' circle meeting, I dusted it off and continued. Over the past few months, the story has flowed. I can't say the same for the editing process. However, I've been able to refine my characters and story into something tangible.
Now that I'm finishing up my last draft, I'm ready to start looking at publication. As my short stories, poetry and parenting columns slowly appear on the printed page, the number of rejection letters grows exponentially. I know it won't be an easy time, but I am resilient.
Sadly, this is the first year since I met my husband that we won't be travelling to PEI for the summer. Our son, Kieran, had some health issues in the spring that prevented this. It's ironic really, that I've conjured our dear island so vividly in my imagination at a time when I've never felt so far away.
I can picture the herons fishing along the shore. Most of all, I miss my extended family and our friends. There's always next year.

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