Monday, August 17, 2009

The Beginning...

Big day today. I'm sending out the first of my agent queries. I have no idea what will happen because I've never done this before. Sending a complete short story to a literary magazine is very different from creating a synopsis and pitching an idea. What's exciting is that after all this work, I'm finally sending my novel out into the world. I also know that I'm resiliant enough to take whatever is sent back...even if it's the sound of crickets chirping.

Here's historical Dalvay by the Sea. It's where Anne recites "The Highwayman" (and Gilbert givers her a standing ovation--sigh) in the film Anne of Green Gables. I love this place--it has such a "summer by the sea" feeling, which is what I tried to capture in my book.

Thanks again to Tina Dougan for taking these photos when I'm not able to be on the island.

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