Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making Things Happen: Crystle Mazurek and Catherine Cavanagh

I'm so proud of my friends, Crystle and Cathy, for their latest achievements. We started meeting as a writing group a few years back. We sat in our living rooms, reading each other's work, and providing feedback. The thing I knew about these women is that they'd give me their honest opinion. Now, all three of us have completed our books. Cathy's is about faith. Crystle's is about India. Mine is about parenting. Our topics are so different but we are united in our desire to tell stories...and by our love of good food and drink. It's amazing what can happen when chai and chocolate are involved.

Crystle Mazurek

Crystle recently returned from India where she spent several months working for her NGO, The India Village Fund. Her book, Mommy,When Are We Going Home? will be released in February 2011. Here is the latest article about her in The Brockville Recorder and Times.

Here is the link to The India Village Fund:

Catherine Cavanagh

Catherine Cavanagh placed second in this year's Brockville Recorder and Times Short Story Contest. Here is her beautiful and compelling story "Hagar."

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