Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm pleased to announce that this New Year's was preferable to last New Year's. Last year, Kieran had a seizure just before supper on New Year's Eve. I know it's just a random day of the year and the calendar is a human fabrication; HOWEVER, it just felt a little inauspicious.

Just a little.

So...last night we celebrated early with friends and had a great time. It's amazing to me that, given the material overindulgence of the Christmas season, two little boys can still lose their sh-t over party hats and noise-makers. Oh...and Madonna...REAL LOUD! Lots of fun.

And while I always feel optimistic for the new year, my heart aches for those who won't be with us...and for those who have battles ahead. It's a strange time, this New Year's thing. It's a day when we're supposed to think about losing weight and saving money, but it scares me a little. We have this whole other year ahead. And anything can happen. Anything.'s to anything.

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