Saturday, January 16, 2010

When Fiction Assaults Reality

The newest hit in our house is Winnie-the-Pooh. For Christmas, we gave Kieran a treasury of the original Pooh stories and he loves them, especially the one where Eeyore loses his tail. He even came charging out of the bathroom the other day, brandishing the toilet brush, asking me if it was Eeyore's tail--eeeww! Now the characters make frequent assaults on our daily life.

Mother: Eat your lunch.

Son: I can't.
Mother: Why?

Son: Because you need to be Eeyore. You need to talk gloomy.

Mother: Okay...(in that gloomy sad donkey-who-lost-his-tail way)

Son: I like this soup.

Mother: Must be nice to like something. Donkeys don't like much of anything.

Son: I can't eat again.

Mother: Why?

Son: Eeyore needs to sing.

Mother: Okay...what song?

Son: Defying Gravity.

I know you're thinking I'm indulgent and a little crazy. I don't blame you. I did it. I sang with first few lines of Defying Gravity like a depressed donkey. That's how badly I wanted my son to eat his lunch. There's no dignity in this motherhood gig. But he did eat his lunch. And after the first few lines of the song, he averted his eyes, and told me that he'd heard enough of Eeyore's singing, that I could sing like mommy again. Phew.

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