Saturday, January 2, 2010

Making the Most of Winter

Well, it hasn't been the best Christmas holiday. Kieran's nerves seemed a little raw and then he had a seizure on New Year's Eve. We were quite on edge for the entire two weeks because we knew something was brewing. However, we managed to have a good time in between sessions of extreme worry. The thing we found helped us all the most was being outside. Over the past two days, Kieran's been tired and clumsy, but still cheerful. A snowsuit with lots of padding and piles of fresh snow provided the perfect recipe for a boy who's had a rough go.

We went sledding several times, played in the yard, and today, took our boy skating for the first time. It was short-lived because it was so chilly but we all enjoyed it.

When we got home, Mike lit a fire in the backyard. There's something soothing about sitting around a fire having hot drinks even when it's fifteen below. After all we've been through, I'm glad we can still find joy in our daily lives.

Thanks to our dear friends who keep getting us out of the house!

Life goes on...

How do these things work?

Continuing to make the chiropractors rich...

Dads and their boys

Man make fire.

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