Sunday, January 31, 2010


There are a lot of people in my thoughts and prayers lately. It seems that every time I answer the phone, a friend or relative is struggling. Health issues and all the things that come along with illness dominate.

After learning that an old friend is quite sick, I just spent some time flipping through photo albums. There are pictures of prom, of camping trips, of funny moments. I look back at those photos, at my friends, and we all seemed so carefree. I don't think we actually were carefree, but I know we were happy. Can we really compare the tragedies of our teens and twenties (getting dumped, failing a course, fighting with parents) to the concerns of our thirties (sick parents, sick children, loss of employment)? I guess suffering is relative. So is joy.

And it's strange because even when I look back at photos of myself when Kieran was so seriously sick, there are photos where I'm smiling, laughing even. All I remember from those days is grief and fear but something made me laugh. I know it wasn't just a pose for the camera. I see genuine happiness on my face.

It says something about the human spirit. That in the face of fear, injustice, and suffering, joy can still bubble to the surface.

Remembering. Praying. Hoping.

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