Sunday, November 8, 2009

St. Lawrence Sunday

Anyone who lives in Brockville will be familiar with St. Lawrence Park. It's my favourite park in town. I can almost hear the picnickers in the 1920s, enjoying the shade of the trees and the cool of the river. We often head there for a few hours on a Sunday or even take a short visit after work. We've seen people painting, doing Tai Chi, swimming, kayaking, and driving model cars. Last year at this time, Kieran loved to run around in the gazebo.

"Kieran. Gazebo. Happy."

So we met up with our good friends, the Gardiners, and walked on over for some sunshine and a play. Then, across the field, we saw the good ol' Mulville Boys running towards us.

modes of transportation
view from the 1920s gazebo

three-year-old Zen meditation

"Mommy, come see!"
very serious truck business

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