Thursday, June 10, 2010

Less Gunk in Our Water is Good

Two years ago, I participated in a local movement to ban the use of cosmetic pesticides in Brockville. Then, on Earth Day in 2008, the province announced a ban on those chemicals--the very day I was to present to council. It was pretty cool.

Many residents of Brockville will recall the crazy letters to the editor about my lack of parenting skills (for wanting my child to play on grass...gasp!) or reliance on my "good looks" for political gain. It was hilarious and strange. I realized that people could really loose their marbles over something like this. I, however, was focused on what was best for my kid and all the other children in this town: NO PESTICIDES! Dandelions or neuro-developmental disorders? Hmmm...tough choice.

Anyhoo, I heard a fragment of a news report on the radio this morning about a recent study in Ontario revealing a dramatic decrease in pesticides found in local streams. Gideon Forman from The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment commented that this means levels will be lower in our drinking water. I spoke to Dr. Forman in the middle of the madness of the Spring of 2008 so it was wonderful to hear this sort of news.

It's nice when science confirms one's gut. If anyone hears more, let me know.

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  1. When we first moved to the country I was so happy to have a lawn that was full of different species, not to mention water from our well that was filtered over time by the sand and dirt below.
    I would go into the city and you could just smell the pesticides and chemicals on the lawns AND in the water. I now think to myself...why?? why have these lawns that feel and look like carpets when nobody can sit on them??

    Then yesterday my children and I were outside playing when we had to run inside and shut all the windows because the farmers decided to spray pesticides on a windy day. I could just TASTE the chemicals. Then my neighbor burned garbage in their outdoor furnace.....sigh..