Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gardening With Native Plants

My son has suffered another seizure. So tiring and discouraging. However, we have some ideas to help him heal. We just have to pick ourselves up and regain our optimism.

One way I do this is gardening. I love being alone in the silence, the dirt, the growth. I found this book at the library and love it. I want to make our yard into a native plant garden. Yes, hostas are in there right now, but as time progresses, and I learn more, I want to focus more on native plants.

Here are some of my favourite quotations:

The more disturbed or the more simplified a site, the more susceptible it becomes to weed seeds.

Carol A. Smyser

Without complexity, populations rise wildly or crash completely--that is, species become weeds or pests they become extinct.

Sarah Stein

Here are some suggestions for native plantings:

wild geranium

Dutchman breeches

wild bergamot


evening primrose

bee balm

obedient plant

Canada lily

purple coneflower

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  1. So sorry to hear about your son's seizure:( Hang in there.