Friday, March 18, 2011

Surrounded by Angels

For years, we've been on alert for seizures or any other neurological symptoms in our son. After eight months of no new seizure activity, no new tics, and no new concerns, we'd started to exhale...a little. As much as we exhale, anyway.

Then, just about two weeks ago, we woke up to find Kieran in a daze. He would alternate between vacant staring and terrified screaming. We thought his seizures had changed.

It turns out that his blood sugar was very low. The good news is that we don't think what he experienced was a neurological seizure but we have no explanation yet for why his blood sugar dropped dangerously low. After a panicked ambulance ride, we spent the day in emergency and were sent home to wait for further testing.

The next day, as I nursed my shattered nerves, Kieran moved around the backyard methodically making these snow angels. In the end, there were about a dozen. It's a funny thing but I took great comfort in this army of angels created by a little boy so full of fight.

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