Monday, December 6, 2010

Preparations and Books

I love the Christmas season. I just don't like the first week or two of December when I have to address Christmas cards and organize packages for mailing--this year I added knitting projects to my list of things that need to be completed. Once I get those things off, I can enjoy the thought of them arriving to loved ones...on time...something I'm not always so good at.
We're busy preparing around here. The lights are up. The tree is decorated. I even made some gluten-free shortbread with maple sugar and they're good. Really good. Objectively good.

Christmas Wreath

One of our card designs this year. Kieran wants to make cards for everyone he knows. He's already made ten. I'm impressed. Granted, he doesn't fuss as much as I do.

Excited Christmas tree dance

This is apparently a human body. The cylinders are lungs. The cube on top is a heart. The tall tower is a leg. The long, green rectangle is an anatomical snuffbox. Can you tell my boy is no stranger to physiotherapy?

Oh, and my book, Cameron's Corner, and my friend Cathy Cavanagh's book, Soul Side, will be available this weekend for purchase.

Look for us at the Brockville Famers' Market this Sunday and next and at Leeds County Books on December 18th from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

My book will also be available HERE for purchase starting this weekend.

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