Saturday, May 29, 2010

These Days...

Mr. Toad's House
Mr. Toad came to visit. His arrival was most unpleasant since he appeared in Kieran's sand pit. I looked up to realize that my once-gentle child had pinned one of Mr. Toad's legs with a plastic shovel. I knew that I would be horrified should one of the legs be removed and my son would be even more horrified when he realized it was actually Mr. Toad.

"That's Mr. Toad!" I yelled.

Kieran recoiled. "I didn't know what it was!"

We examined Mr. Toad and he appeared to be unscathed (at least that lets me sleep at night). We then followed Mr. Toad around for a while. Interest in Mr. Toad's house was revived prompting the gift of a pine cone bookshelf.

Mike has used the old framing from our former deck to frame a new treehouse. It's going to be bigger than our house...We're waiting for cedar to finish the decking.

Kieran loves to help his dad. There's been a lot of power tool usage lately. This was one of the rare moments when I actually watched them work. (That drill could slip, you know!)

Our now infamous "simple" picnic was a grand success. We had a great time.

a simple plan...a perfect day...
Looking for something fun to do tomorrow?
Head out to Wendy's Local Market in Lyndhurst
May 30th
Lots of organic and heritage veggie and herb seedlings
Experts on hand to offer gardening advice
If I didn't have rehearsal tomorrow, I'd be there.

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