Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Blue Planet Project

As you can see from my last post, I'm thinking about water lately. I started thinking about it again this morning as the dishwasher and washing machine hummed away. Then, my husband went upstairs for a shower. And none of this is acutally water we drink.

I was living in Kincardine at the time of the Walkerton Water Crisis. That was a dramatic reminder of how precious safe drinking water is to society. I had returned from Nepal the year before, a place where you can't open your mouth in the shower without suffering unspeakable gastro-intestinal issues. Suddenly, the drinking water in our little rural area was deadly all because of carelessness, pollution, and privatisation of water testing.

Recently, I found this interesting (and somewhat frightening) website. The Blue Planet Project is a Canadian-based global initiative to secure access to water as the fundamental human right it is declared to be. It works to protect the world's fresh water from privitisation.

Just received the coolest questions from my three-year old:

Where does water come from?

Something to think about.

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